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How to Create Instagram Stories Like a Pro

How to Create Instagram Stories Like a Pro

The popularity of ‘stories’ on social media platforms has been on the rise lately. Instagram stories introduced to try to win back audiences from other social media sites such as Snapchat. Ironically, Instagram stories have proliferated overtaking their originators. Instagram stories are intended to create a more personal connection with the audience.

Therefore, it is crucial that you learn more tricks on how to create great Instagram stories. The following tips will help you create Instagram stories like a pro.

Use your phone’s camera for the shoot

For high quality on your story, use your phone’s camera instead of the featured camera on Instagram. The camera on your phone offers you lots of options to edit your shoot, unlike Instagram’s camera which has a lower resolution and limited editing options. Still, you can always continue editing and add more spice to your video with Instagram’s filters once you upload it.

How to Create Instagram Stories

Keep the video length in mind when shooting

Instagram stories are 15 seconds in length. Hence, you should always keep that in mind when making a video for the Instagram story. This will help you capture everything you need in your shoot without cutting off some parts. After getting the right video you need, you can use video editing software to ensure that it flows smoothly and captures all the details vividly.

Use natural lighting for you shooting

Lighting is essential when it comes to photography and video shoots. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune going for professional lights or setting up a studio. Natural light is always the best; it works well with all skin tones, and you won’t have to deal with issues that come with shadows.


Though natural lighting is the best, you still have to be careful when you make your shoot. For instance, at midday the sun is too bright which can lead to overexposure and even shadows may form. The most recommended time to take your shoot is either after sunrise or just before sunset.

Attaching appropriate hashtags

Consider using tags when uploading your videos. This can increase the chances for your content to be viewed by people who are not even following you. If you have no idea of the right hashtag to use on your story, conduct a simple search on Instagram and choose a hashtag that best describes the story your video is telling.

Consider adding some music or animation

You should also consider adding music or animation to your Instagram story to make it stand out. You can add music to your Instagram story in many ways. You can either shoot the video while a song is playing in the background which in turn becomes part of the video or you could add music after the shoot using platforms such as inshot or any other editing software.

You can add animation using tools like Adobe Spark. Adding in a GIF to bring in a little fun will also do more good than harm.


If you are looking to promote your brand or a business, consider following the above tips, and you will be making Instagram stories like a pro in no time. However, keep in mind however that social media platforms keep on changing, so you should also be up to date and incorporate the changes to your advantage.


What Rehab Has The Highest Success Rate?

Drug and alcohol dependence usually requires professional help to help effectively. The main drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs work with clients to promote physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Finding the right drug rehabilitation center can be difficult. When looking for professional help with addiction problems, some considerations should be considered.

A drug rehabilitation center, where a person can go through all the recovery phases, ensures consistency. A person who needs to detoxify in one place and consult another cannot do so.

If a person can be assessed, diagnosed and treated appropriately in a family environment, recovery is more likely. All activities must be therapeutic.

What does it entail?

The program should provide you with a detox that helps with withdrawal, an individualized treatment plan, education, and counseling. Find out about your accommodation there, because you want to feel safe and comfortable throughout the treatment.


Some programs are deeper than others. If you are taking medication for chronic pain or mental health problems, you need a dual diagnosis program. It will also address these other issues so as not to return to the medicines to be treated and treated. This is a necessary part of a total solution that will help you live a drug-free lifestyle.

Qualification of staff.

Qualification of staff is one of the most important components of a successful drug rehabilitation center. Without qualified team leaders, rehabilitation programs can do more harm than good.

Employees must be certified in counseling about drugs and alcohol. There must be medical and psychological personnel available to assist customers as needed.

The quality of programming is just as important.

A program that relates to the entire person (mind, body, and soul) is often the most effective. Particularly successful are the innovative applications of neurobiological strategies together with 12-step recovery programs. Holistic approaches to drug and alcohol rehabilitation have proven to be more useful for people who depend on chemicals.

Let’s look at the reasons why florida rehab center is so special and why it is better to visit the programs mentioned there. They are the following:

All have a high success rate and many years of experience.

With so many programs competing for the limited number of potential customers, only the most trusted and successful programs receive the most customers.

Timmy expresses frustration during a one-on-one therapy session at his IOP, or Intensive Outpatient Program, in Redondo Beach. He and his sober living housemates in Whittier are shuttled there daily. Timmy says he wants to go to a hospital detox in San Clemente instead of detoxing at his sober living home.  (Photo by Mindy Schauer, Orange County Register/SCNG)

If you look at the advertisements for these programs, everyone will say that they have at least a decade of experience and a high success rate (usually more than 70%) to secure their reputation.

Some programs offer additional services.

Many companies try to conquer most of the market by offering as many services as possible. Drug rehabilitation programs are no exception.

Some offer programs that deal with other dependencies (especially alcohol) and sometimes eating disorders.

They almost always have something special.

Again, there are so many drug rehab laboratories in Florida, and that fact can not be stressed enough. Therefore, many of them have to offer something that their competitors do not have. These special offers can enhance the experience of rehabilitation patients or simply help accelerate the rehabilitation process. These things can range from unique types of rehabilitation treatment such as family counseling to programs that involve faith for patients who believe in religion.


Does Cbd Oil Really Work For Pain?


Over the past few years, CBD oil has gained popularity across the world as a natural approach to pain relief. CBD is a compound found in industrial hemp plants and acts as an effective alternative to pain medication especially in the treatment of common conditions such as back pain and arthritis.

Surprisingly, the use of marijuana to relieve pain dates back to ancient China and was not until recently when researchers found how effective it can work for pain.

Even with research, most people still wonder if CBD oil really works for pain, and if you’re in the same category, keep reading as we will clear your doubts.

How CBD oil work for pain relief

The simple answer on whether CBD oil really works for pain is that it does. What happens is that the human body contains receptors CB1 and CB2 which are found in the brain and immune system respectively. CBD interacts with these receptors which receive chemical signals from stimuli and then help the rest of the cells in your body to respond to the signals.


Immediately the receptors react with CBD, they form pain-killing and anti-inflammatory effects that produce analgesic effects.

Interestingly, CBD oil works effectively in managing pain and whether you’ve been suffering from chronic pain, headache, cancer pain, or multiple sclerosis pain, it will work effectively on you and if you don’t know where to get it, it’s readily available in any online cbd store which you can order with a click of a button. CBD oil can deal with the following conditions;

1. It relieves arthritis pain

According to the study done in Europe, CBD oil reduces arthritis pain significantly. The oil prevents joint and osteoarthritis neuropathy. This, in turn, reduces inflammation in the joint and protects the nerves. People use this oil to massage their clients especially those suffering from back pain. The back is the most part affected by arthritis.

2. Chronic pains

It is true that CBD oil relieves other chronic illnesses. A good example is a research published in clinical risk management. It shows that cannabinoids have been relieving pain for adults suffering from chronic pain.

3. Muscle pain


CBD oil has proven to cure muscle pain. Studies suggest that this oil is used to relieve much pain related ailments in the muscles. Many people concentrate on using this oil to massage their body, and the results have been positive with a few exceptions. So, this substance is recommended to people suffering from muscle pain.

4. Multiple sclerosis pain

Multiple sclerosis is simply an autoimmune illness that can affect your whole body through the brain and the nerves. Surprisingly, you can manage it successfully as you enjoy the effects of CBD.

One of the most commonly known MS symptoms is muscle spasms which may cause constant and unbearable pain. According to research, CBD oil reduces the levels of spasticity that an individual feels.

Final thought

CBD is a legal compound and this means that the oil extracted from the industrial hemp plant is also legal to use and possess. People are turning to CBD as the best alternative means of relieving symptoms of various conditions and pain management.

If you are still wondering if CBD oil really works for pain, it’s my hope that this article has cleared your thoughts and convinced you that it really does. If you are tired of over-the-counter medication, it’s high time you try CBD oil and watch as your life takes a turnaround.


What Are The Benefits Of Stem Cell Banking?

There are three main types of stem cells in the human body in addition to the 216 cell types present. The three examples of stem cells include; totipotent stem cells, pluripotent stem cells, multipotent or adult stem cells. Totipotent cells have the absolute capacity and can form any tissue translating to organs. Pluripotent cells can form many tissue types while multipotent stem cells give rise to cells that are specialized for their functions.

Stem cells have been used for cell designation in early embryos giving rise to primitive germ cells. Below are some of the benefits of stem cell banking ;

Treating of Blood Disorders

The stem cell banking ensures that at a later time when any family member suffers from a blood disorder, there will be cells available to aid in the treatment. Stem cells have been known to treat well over 70 blood disorders and diseases. These may include sickle-cell anemia myeloma, leukemia, other forms of blood cancers and thalassemia.

Doctor with blood

There is a worldwide outcry due to the number of babies born with blood diseases that stands at a staggering 28 million. These disorders create the need for routine and occasional blood transfusions. As such, the banked stem cells are useful in combating these blood diseases.

Ability to Regenerate

Stem cells acquired from cord blood are clinically clean due to non-exposure to the environment. This means that they lack contaminants such as latent viruses. In their natural state, stem cells can morph, regenerate and differentiate into multiple blood cells in the body.

Currently, clinical trials stand at 3655 in number in the world aimed at using stem cells to treat numerous disorders. Stem cells have enough potential to treat chronic infections and oncological diseases.

Future Life Saver for the Entire Family

Banking a baby’s stem cells creates a collective safety net not only for the whole family but also for the baby itself. The stem cells which will be readily available and accessible when required can be used for some treatments.

Blood in bag

Blood-related relatives and family can also benefit from the stem cells as they can be a perfect match to receive the stem cells. Finding a compatible match might be a long process in the public domain and databases, but a private bank ensures that the family’s interests are preserved for when the need arises.

Treating Inherent Diseases

Stem cells from cord blood are genetically exclusive which means that are exclusive to family members related by blood to the baby. If a family is prone to congenital disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, stroke and arthritis, children born into the family might suffer from them later.

Preservation of stem cells ensures that when the need arises, these stem cells can be relied upon to fight against these life-threatening diseases.

Fueling Emerging Research

Many diseases today have been deemed incurable around the world. With the research going into stem cells, most of these diseases will soon be treatable hence the need to preserve stem cells from cord blood. As of now, scientists worldwide have been studying the therapeutic effects of stem cells on complex diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, spinal injury, Parkinson’s disease, and cerebral palsy. This has renewed the hope for these illnesses being treated.


What is the healing power of turquoise?


Turquoise is the most legendary of all the stones. The stone dates back to around 6000 BC when it was found in Egypt . Its attractive and dazzling blue-green colour made it be used as royal bling and amulets for kings. The critical information about turquoise revolves around its powerful healing power. It is often referred to as a master healer.

The natural pattern of spider webbing of turquoise gives a conspicuous visual effect making this stone to stand out uniquely from the rest. This article goes exclusively through the healing power of turquoise.

Turquoise Physical Healing Power

Turquoise is known for its to heal physical problems. It is a strengthening stone that is effective for panic attacks, depression and exhaustion. It boosts physical and psychic body systems by easing viral and pollution infections and improving nutrients assimilation. The turquoise healing properties allows you to programme for specific healing purposes. This may include a turquoise charm for abundance and health, realigning your energy centres or enhancing your righteousness.


It has detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effects which has a positive impact on rheumatism, gout and Ph. More so, turquoise is useful in curing allergies and respiratory problems. Think of any issue of the neck, eyes, brain, throat, ears, headaches, migraines and cataracts.

Turquoise will help you with all the problems. Putting on a turquoise necklace gives you protection against bronchial and tracheitis attacks. It may also heal stammering and speech disorders by curing through the breath.

Turquoise Emotional Healing Power

Turquoise is an effective healer of emotions by providing consolation to the well being of the body and the spirit. It helps to balance emotions and by bringing a sense of Concord and serenity. Turquoise will help one to master the causes of happiness and sadness.

The depleted lifts and vitalities are restored from the sagging spirits by wearing or holding turquoise. The stone purifies your emotions by clearing the electromagnetic smog and dispelling negative energy from the environment leaving you stressed free and focused on what matters most. It gets the lid of the self-sabotage feeling and indorses self-realisation.

Turquoise Chakra Healing Power

This is the power that promotes communications between the spiritual and physical world. Turquoise healing powers open all chakras allowing the free flow of communication and love in the whole being. The healing power of chakra is mostly associated with the fifth chakra or throat.


This carries the centre of spiritual bonding, communication, serenity and creativity. With the blue turquoise colour being a symbol of spirits or sky source, turquoise helps to create great connections with the spirits.

Turquoise Mental Healing Power

Healers recommend turquoise as a remedy for mental problems. The stone has a positive effect to most if not all the mental issues including creativity, serenity, wisdom, happiness, empathy and positive thinking. Its healing powers can make people with public speaking fears eloquent . in the crystal healing world, turquoise is a stone of communication.

It creates connections allowing the flow of love in communications. This results in more stronger friendships.


The healing power of turquoise has prevailed for many years. Many cultures recognise these powerful physical and spiritual powers of the stone. Up to today, the Indians and native Americans still consider turquoise as having these powers. They respect and love them.


What Not to Do in Miami

Lincoln Road Mall

It is the desire of most people to travel and tour in Miami. This is mainly influenced by an episode or a rap video of CSI: Miami. Most people have a magical tourist notion that is more of a legend based than reality. Before you pack your things for Miami heat, ensure you understand the following don’ts to avoid finding yourself in awkward moments.

Never assume that people in Miami party for 24 hours in a day

While you cannot blame tourists whose attention is so much captured by the excellent Miami-life image, it is essential to understand and accept the fact that Miami residents party throughout the day and night.


Miami locals are known to be very hard working. Though they might “play hard” during weekends, never put it in your mind that your Miami friends will accompany you to each night club throughout your stay in Miami.

Don’t be very punctual

In Miami, time is relative so be wise and move with the flow. If for example, you plan to meet with your friends at the bus stop, expect them to be late for at least 15 minutes.

Therefore, always give them a little allowance. On the other hand, it is advantageous for you since you will never get worried that you could be late.

Avoid skimping on sunscreen

Sunny skies day in day out for 365 days in a year means there has been radiation of strong rays on your skin every day for a whole year. A single measly hour at the beach can burn you to the extent of a crisp. You can get a tan as you leisurely walk around the restaurant. Always remember to lather up to protect yourself and avoid sunburns, sun sports and especially melanoma.

Never visit the Everglades during summer

No matter the circumstance, always avoid the so-called mosquito inferno, i.e. the Everglades National Park during summer time. Among the challenges, you can encounter there include your hair experiencing a frizz that you have never experienced before, too thick air that inhibits your ability to breath, and excessively humid swamps.


The summer experience in Miami is very unpleasant since the temperatures rise to about 37 to 400C. The heat is unbearable for you to ramble along the ocean or even make a satisfactory exploration of the murals in Wynwood. If you want to visit Miami, plan your tour during winter since miami tourism is fantastic during winter.

Don’t dive

Never dive unless you are well equipped with the hawk-like reflexes. The city is a perfect real-life version for the Crazy Taxi game. You will find cars jumping some lanes with no warning, taking red lights and deliberately breaking the laws for example by using the wrong side in the expressway in a careless manner.

You can choose to go for Uber, or even use public transportation Metro mover, trolley or bus. When making your adventurous journey, always ensure that your car I insured.

The takeaway

Miami is a super fantastic country you can visit during your holidays. To ensure that your tour is a sweet as you would wish it to be, ensure that all the don’ts for Miami visit are at your fingertips. By adhering to the don’ts strictly you will always look forward to visiting this fantastic place.


Packing Guide for Travel Photographers

Packing Guide for Travel Photographers

There are a lot of forgery lists, but the long-term packing list for travel photography is for individuals who need to make sure they have all the basics to experience the image, from the camera to the well-known luxuries. Here is a Packing Guide for Travel Photographers.


Do you really need to bring up various camera lenses? It will depend on the location of your photos and the types of topics you will portray. Security anywhere on the planet is not exactly the safest areas to carry your expensive contact points.

Travel Photographers

However, when you want to take photographs of the locals, I brought a mid-point contact point that carried responsibility without any help. On the other hand, if you are simply going to visit a convenient marketing, and you are happy with the pivot point performance of your camera lenses, at this point you will not need to bring additional lenses that will not be used anyway.

Solar chargers

If you’re planning to spend a lot of time abroad, think of a solar powered charging station. Do not weigh this double-sided plate and specifically resist sunlight, but you can charge a 12-volt handheld directly from the sun. By keeping the energy away from your rigging day or night, you will never be without the energy you need again.

Multi-use tripod

Sometimes, you will need a small tripod that keeps your camera still at night or in low light. I was lucky enough to put the resources in a low and light tripod. The tripod helped keep the camera still and I was amazed at the quality of the shots! Since my camera package was intertwined on the side, I had the ability to keep the tripod undisputed.

Get a lightweight, foldable tripod so you can put it in your bag.

Memory cards

The camera memory card is where you store images so you can transfer them to your computer and can be used with the best apps for travel photos. The type of camera you own and the resolution of the lens as measured by megapixels dictate the type and capacity of digital cards you use.

Emergency treatment first

Regardless of what others say, keeping a small set of emergency kit along with luggage can go a long way in helping you through the difficult times of the movement. Especially if you are going with children or if you encounter a weak, vulnerable framework, this becomes more urgent. Have any wide curative things like cotton, a germ-free lotion, and band aid and electrolyte can inadvertently be cavalry in a defensive layer of brilliance.


Chargers are among the main factors that must be brought to the traffic photographers. We need to keep the camera and the various devices we deal with in order to be able to shoot as many times as we need and connect to the web when we need to. Similarly, do not forget to pack a universal connector for the camera battery charger.


He brought me down, so you can plug my gadgets into any electrical plug all over the world. We ran into trouble abandoning this one, and destroyed my scheduled shoots as well as the movement spending plan. Common chargers may be small in size, but in some countries, they can be expensive! So do not forget to bring one.

Camera Cleaning Kit

The camera cleaning unit is something we will not expel on my travel photography agenda! After a full day of filming abroad, we generally make a point to clean the camera, especially its own sensor, to keep it in good condition. This habit has been reliable, and we are sure it will also benefit you.

To save more space, the ideal way to pack huge cleaning solutions is to pour in small amounts that ensure they are enough to be used throughout your stay in small toilet bottles.


5 Common Graphic Design Mistakes To Avoid


Whether you are an amateur graphic designer looking to jump into your very first order, or you consider yourself an expert in the field, there are certain graphic mistakes you should always avoid. Graphic design is all about creativity, so you can go weird as you like, experiment and play around your project, but there are certain aspects that you must always keep an eye out for; otherwise, you may ruin your design or have something that will not impress your client.

Stay vigilant, and you will come out the other side smiling and proud of your work. Here are five common graphic mistakes you should always avoid.

1. Not understand what it required

Failure to understand that is required of you by the client is one mistake you should always avoid. In most cases, failure to understand often comes from breakdown of communication between you and the client. Your client must give explicit instruction, but it is your responsibility as a designer to ensure that everything is clear at all times.


If something is confusing crops up, don’t pretend you know it all, get in contact with the client and ask for directives. Designing is all about confidence, but there is no reason you should bite more than you can chew. Good communication ensures that the project goes smoothly and as efficient as possible.

2. Using unknown software

A while ago, it was online resources for graphic designers were rare, but today, numerous resources can help you easily design logos, banner, and other design, so it is not that difficult to create an appealing design.

However, some seemingly professional software are just amateurs with a whole lot of drawbacks. Most freebie programs use raster graphic imaging rather than the standard vector.

3. Choosing the Wrong color

Technically, there are no wrong color options, but if you select e the right color choice and combine with the better chromatic arrangement, you can easily garner the reader’s attention, which is the purpose of the design in the first place.

Team building

In most cases, designers make a mistake of combining different colors which may not reflect the right brand image. A project with good communicative potential can easily go awry if you choose the wrong colors. Stick with dominant colors for consistency and choose colors that are enough to offer contract, but never overdo it.

4. Failure to consider popular design trends

Great designers do not overlook graphic design trends; they study them and understand them to better their work. Remember that you are not doing a design for yourself, so whether you follow a design trend or not depend on your client.

Some client prefers the traditional designs, so be sure to ask, otherwise you may end up completing a design that won’t impress your client. Always use creativity and style that will resonate with your client, not mainly focusing on popular trend but always keep an eye on latest advances in design.

5. Relying too much on free image

Stock photography is an affordable and quick solution for graphic design projects, but you shouldn’t rely too much on them, Dome of these images tend to have lower resolution and also carries a risk of copyright infringement. Use original images so that your design will look convincing and simple.


These five are just a few of the common mistakes you should avoid as a designer, but there are many more. The most important thing is to use your creativity, but always make sure that your personal tastes and preferences does not get in the way of what is best for your client or his or her brand.


Cancer Fundraising Events


Cancer as a diseases has affected most people around the world. Cancer fundraising events help in raising funds to create awareness, assist people who cannot afford treatment services and helping families affected by this tragic disease.

Most of these cancer fundraising events are founded by individuals who come together and form groups while others are formed by government organizations. These events are open to all people around the globe for support to raise funds needed for their events. Here are some of the cancer fundraising events that you should know.

1. American Cancer Society fundraising events.

Millions of people from different countries participate in this event. The American Cancer society involves both children and adults. The events involved are various, and they include, galas, golf tournaments, bike competitions, run for cancer events, and through schools.




Therefore this event allows people to select the events that they are most comfortable in participating. There are also many partners involved in these events, and they include business people and companies. To get involved in the event, you can contact them through their website, and be able to learn more about them.

2. The Jimmy Fund

The Jimmy Fund event is involved in cancer research activities, caring for patients who have cancer and creating awareness through cancer stories. They mostly use blogs, social media, videos, and text alerts to pass the messages across the community.

During the events, you can participate through engaging in the activities, help in organizing the event, through blood donation and sharing the event on social media. You can also give your donations in the form of cash and gifts or become a volunteer in their cancer fundraising events.

3. Cancer Research Institute fundraising events

These events are usually available throughout the year. The events include marathons, bike tours, kitchen parties, golf, and annual awards.

All these focus on raising funds necessary for the ongoing cancer research aimed at helping pat8ients get better and improved treatments. It is essential that you check the dates for their fundraising events and mark on your calendar for reminders. Their fundraising events are open to all people around the globe.

4. Susan G. Komen cancer fundraising events.

The events are available throughout the year. This helps you to participate in the one that is convenient for you especially if you have a busy working schedule. The fundraising event focuses on breast cancer which affects both women and men.

The money raised during these fundraising events is used in screening and diagnostics of breast cancer, and in developing better drugs for chemotherapies. You can take part in these events through donations, walking, and racing, buying their products such as t-shirts and becoming one of their advocates.


With the many cancer fundraising events, you should find the most suitable for you to participate. For events such as marathons, bike, and running competitions, you need to find one that is located near you. For those who are far, you can choose to become an advocate, volunteer or donor. When you help cancer patients, you will have peace of mind and content in life.


Travel and Events-Benefits of Planning

The adventure of traveling

The adventure of traveling is always a pleasure where you will get a lot of experience. Therefore, it is very important that you experience a lot of adventure and make them relax. Travel is the right way to spend time alone and get to know the world. There are many different reasons to plan the adventure trip. These reasons mentioned below help you decide if you are confused. Traveling is not only good for physics but also affects the soul. We will discuss below to conclude that the way it moves is beneficial and useful not at the moment but also has positive impacts on the life of the traveler:

Positive impact

The trip you plan has a really good impact on the lives of the users because the travelers went to a new location and explored the different secrets of that place. When you travel alone and have to make decisions on your own, you can become logical and strengthen users. They make decisions by making the power of the people without any doubt. They have a lot of positive and prominent difference developed in the personality. It improves not only the power of decision making but also helps users to get the time to spend with them. It also makes them realize the importance of family and friends and the value of a home.

Feeling of freedom

Feeling of freedomYou are not bound to anyone on trips because there is no one to stop you from doing any fun. Freedom will help you know that what you are is. Each person appreciates freedom. It is really useful to polish and balance the personality. Travelers who move to the new place will enjoy and have a lot of fun with new friends and people.

Build self-confidence

Traveling the world The lack of confidence will be a big problem not only in personal life but also professionally. Trips like this help build trust by interacting with different people for different reasons. Confidence in you is a positive thing that not only stands out among all of you but also plays a vital role in your success. Self-confidence is essential in life and without it; you cannot do anything perfectly.


Traveling the world these days can be a pretty daunting thing filled with all kinds of tension due to this situation in the reports. An excellent representative is aware of all the individual elements, all of whom will do everything possible to ensure that you are safe. Your current trip around the world could be satisfying as well as comforting when you have the help of an expert. Here are some other topics that you should consider while performing your world tour. Make sure you have a set schedule and also that you allow yourself a lot of time in all the hustle and bustle, something that is often overlooked. Keep the program reasonable, most of these travel places are usually there for hundreds of years and will also always be there when you arrive.