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6 Brilliant Travel Accessories Every Traveller Must Have


Travelling must be well planned to avoid inconveniences along the way. This can be done by having a checklist of the six brilliant travel accessories every traveler must have. The accessories include:

1.Ergonomic Travel Pillow

This pillow prevents one’s head from falling forward in a plane or car, bus, train, camping, airport terminals and is suitable for children and adults

2.Anti-Crease shirt transporter


This case helps in saving time while ironing for the times one will need to have an official meeting the following day after travel. Keep shirts in pristine condition free from creases that are as a result of unwanted folding while in the travel bag.

3. I Pad Sound Bender

This innovation is a useful source of entertainment in which the IPad being light and effective mode of watching media; you can enhance the sound by attaching a sound bender which has a magnet.

This audio boosting gadget ‘bends’ the sound towards the listener, thereby maximizing the sound despite the noisy environment.

4.Travel Wireless Router

This router is suitable for travel as it’s compact and portable. It can also be used to convert Ethernet connections to wireless connections, thereby making it possible to connect a tablet PC or mobile phone to the network. If one is using a laptop, they will be able to move around while using the Wi-Fi network.

5.Toiletry Capsule


This capsule packs eight essentials neatly in a small space as opposed to the big toiletry bags. It goes for less than $8 on Amazon, thereby is affordable and helps in saving the space for the luggage and the weight as its lighter than traditional toiletry bags.

6.Portable Travel Hangers

These hangers are portable and foldable, and they have clips. The benefit of this is that most cases, many travelers will tend to put their clothes on chairs, beds, or leaving them in the suitcase. They do not carry traditional hangers as they are bulky and unfoldable but with the foldable hanger, all that changes as its convenient to carry as well as helps keep clothes tidy while in a hotel room. For more great tips read additional info.