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5 Safest Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

young woman backpacker walking on seaside mountain trail

Touring different travel destinations is a great deal to explore the world. Perhaps it’s the main trait of human nature to take adventurous tours. Many people around the world are looking for tips and guides suggesting some of the best travel destinations that will provide them with more significant experience of natural wonders.

Are you an independent lady dreaming of exploring the world, as a solo traveler? Here are memorable solo adventures that will ever cherish until your last breath.

1. Rome Italy

Looking to meet beautiful people, find in inspiring fashion, and enjoy a variety of delicious food and romance? Rome, a city in Italy, is truly a popular destination that will fully indulge your satisfaction.


The safe and tranquil environment will itself make you feel empowered and fully present walking around this vibrant city. Most importantly for a female solo traveler, you can easily get a marriage proposal while wandering around the Italian city.

2. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand is one of the great places worth visiting alone in Asia for ladies. Located at Northern Thailand’s foothills, Chiang Mai is the leading picturesque travel destination for solo women.

The lush natural countryside and mountains surrounding this city is the reason why it has a significant cosmopolitan air with the expatriate population. Chiang Mai is a culturally and historically fascinating city fittingly nicknamed as the “rose of the north” offering an array of vegetarian dishes and yoga.

3. Kyoto, Japan

Looking for solo travel ideas in Japan? Going on a solo trip to Japan? Well, here is the right word for a solo female traveler seeking advice; don’t skip Kyoto. Perhaps it’s a fascinating city in Japan. Some of the things that astonish female tourist include the imperial palaces, villas, and UNESCO World Heritage sites like Shinmogamo Shrine, To-Ji, and Kamigamo Shrine. Just like the other parts of Japan, Kyoto is quite a safe travel destination for females.


If you think you will spend more money on your accommodation, then you’re mistaken. Hotels in Kyoto will perhaps puzzle you with its crazy affordable rates. Adventure buffs can read this article on trans4mind.com to grasp copious details.

4. Singapore

Any list of the safest places to travel alone for any woman is considered incomplete if Singapore is missing in the list. Why must you consider this amazing place?

This Southeast Asian hub is itself incredible with mouthwatering cuisines, affordable shopping opportunities, as well as mash-up of cultures. The friendly, safe and supremely clean environment has great hotels offering cheap accommodation.

5. Ireland

If Ireland doesn’t appear in your best travel destination list, then you will need to revise your list, especially when considering the safest places to visit. With its mesmerizing natural charm, scene-stealing and medley of things to see and do, Ireland is one of the dream destinations for solo women travelers.
According to the Global Peace Index, Ireland is ranked as the world’s 13th most peaceful and safest place.