Best Things To Do With Friends In Denver


After working hard throughout the week to make ends meet, it’s always a good idea to visit beautiful places during the weekend to unwind and start the coming weeks with energy. Unfortunately, many people find it hard to decide the best destinations and the places they can head with friends and have fun. But, you should not be among them as we are here to help and Denver is a great place to be.

Whether you love sports, art museums, historic attractions, romantic restaurants, unique hotels, green parks, lively music scene, or art museums, you’ll find them all in Denver. Keep scrolling as we tell you the best things you can do here with friends.

Visit Denver mountain parks and red rocks amphitheater

Established in 1914, the Denver Mountain Parks is a 14,000+ acre around the Rocky Mountains. These parks spread further to nearly 60 miles from the city and boast outstanding attractions such as Buffalo Bill’s grave which you’ll find on the top of Lookout Mountain, Winter Park Ski Resort, Red Rocks Amphitheater, and Summit Lake.


When you get here, you and your friends will engage in various outdoor activities based on your preferences, such as climbing, mountain biking, camping, hiking and watching large herds of buffalo from a close range.

Explore the adventure of the mind as you test your ability to work together

If you are planning to have a wonderful time out of your office with your workmates, escaping the room has got you covered. escape the room in Denver is an interactive game that helps you to explore the adventure of your mind. Basically, this game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and playing it together with your workmates enhances team-building and togetherness.

In this game, you and your friends will be locked in a room and you’ll be given a specific time frame to figure your way out. It is a challenging game that will not only keep your brain active but will also strengthen teamwork even in real life.

Kill your time at Denver Art Museum (DAM)

Denver Art Museum (DAM) was opened in 1922 and remains one of the largest art museums in the country. It is famous thanks to nearly 68,000 unique works from all over the world as well as a great collection of American Indian Art.


What makes it stand out is that it ‘s located in a magnificent building and houses various collections of more than nine curatorial sections that range from design and architectural to European, Modern and New World Art. In addition, DAM holds various workshops and programs all year round and you and your friends will surely find something interesting to do.

Have a wonderful time at Washington Park

If you are looking to interact with friends in a cool and beautiful place, Washington Park will be the ideal choice. This park is a green urban park that serves as outdoor space for various outdoor activities and boasts around 155 acres of pristine grounds consisting of outstanding flower gardens.

It is a great place where you and your friends can meet for different interactive activities such as biking, jogging, walking, and other activities. Besides, it serves as a center for social events and will be the best place to hold business meetings as you enjoy God’s creation.

Gabe Myers