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How to Create Instagram Stories Like a Pro

How to Create Instagram Stories Like a Pro

The popularity of ‘stories’ on social media platforms has been on the rise lately. Instagram stories introduced to try to win back audiences from other social media sites such as Snapchat. Ironically, Instagram stories have proliferated overtaking their originators. Instagram stories are intended to create a more personal connection with the audience.

Therefore, it is crucial that you learn more tricks on how to create great Instagram stories. The following tips will help you create Instagram stories like a pro.

Use your phone’s camera for the shoot

For high quality on your story, use your phone’s camera instead of the featured camera on Instagram. The camera on your phone offers you lots of options to edit your shoot, unlike Instagram’s camera which has a lower resolution and limited editing options. Still, you can always continue editing and add more spice to your video with Instagram’s filters once you upload it.

How to Create Instagram Stories

Keep the video length in mind when shooting

Instagram stories are 15 seconds in length. Hence, you should always keep that in mind when making a video for the Instagram story. This will help you capture everything you need in your shoot without cutting off some parts. After getting the right video you need, you can use video editing software to ensure that it flows smoothly and captures all the details vividly.

Use natural lighting for you shooting

Lighting is essential when it comes to photography and video shoots. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune going for professional lights or setting up a studio. Natural light is always the best; it works well with all skin tones, and you won’t have to deal with issues that come with shadows.


Though natural lighting is the best, you still have to be careful when you make your shoot. For instance, at midday the sun is too bright which can lead to overexposure and even shadows may form. The most recommended time to take your shoot is either after sunrise or just before sunset.

Attaching appropriate hashtags

Consider using tags when uploading your videos. This can increase the chances for your content to be viewed by people who are not even following you. If you have no idea of the right hashtag to use on your story, conduct a simple search on Instagram and choose a hashtag that best describes the story your video is telling.

Consider adding some music or animation

You should also consider adding music or animation to your Instagram story to make it stand out. You can add music to your Instagram story in many ways. You can either shoot the video while a song is playing in the background which in turn becomes part of the video or you could add music after the shoot using platforms such as inshot or any other editing software.

You can add animation using tools like Adobe Spark. Adding in a GIF to bring in a little fun will also do more good than harm.


If you are looking to promote your brand or a business, consider following the above tips, and you will be making Instagram stories like a pro in no time. However, keep in mind however that social media platforms keep on changing, so you should also be up to date and incorporate the changes to your advantage.