Is It Ok To Run Long Distances While Pregnant

Is It Ok To Run Long Distances While Pregnant

Running while pregnant is a great way to stay fit. According to the Mayo clinic, running reduces your chances of developing complications while giving birth, which is a leading cause of maternal death. Also, running reduces the probability of gestational diabetes, back pain, constipation, and other pregnancy-related complications.

However, pregnancy is a delicate condition and different for all women. Thus, before running long distances, consider these tips to ensure the safety of your unborn baby and yourself.

Don’t push hard

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Always listen to your body while exercising while pregnant. If you feel tired, don’t strain to complete a certain distance, take rest, and continue later. Also, if you never use to run before getting pregnant, don’t start running after getting pregnant. Start small by covering short distances at a slow speed. Slowly increase the pace and the distance as you get used to running.

Use a belly support band

Pregnancy exerts pressure on your pelvic muscle, and the pressure becomes more when running. This can make you uncomfortable while running and make you feel tired easily.

The belly support band makes you comfortable while easing the pressure on your pelvic muscle. This way, you get the comfort and flexibility to cover a longer distance.

Ensure you drink water

Dehydration is the last thing you need while pregnant. Apart from increasing nausea feeling, dehydration is harmful to your baby. Always carry water and watch out for drinking points in your route. Other than water, you can drink other hydration liquids before and after the race. Fresh juice like lemonade is a great choice.

Be comfortable

The quality of running shoes and sportswear can make a huge difference in making you comfortable. This article is a great post to read to get tips on how to dress appropriately for the run. Buy stable shoes to ease the pressure off your joints while running. Also, invest in the right bra to give full support to your breasts.

Photo of Sherry Adamczyk running while she was pregnant. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Anderson)

Thus, running during pregnancy is a great way to stay healthy. Using these tips, you can ensure that both you and your unborn baby stay safe during pregnancy.

Gabe Myers