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Family Road Trip Tips For A Fun And Stress-free Journey With Kids

Kid in car

Road trips can be hectic on children as they easily get bored and become restless. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fun and successful road trip with your family especially when you have young kids.

Inclusive planning

Planning the trip as a family not only prepares your kids about the upcoming journey but also gets them excited. You can ask them what they would want to do there and let them know how long the trip will take. Agree on the destination with the kids and avoid choosing destinations that others don’t like as they will end up being unhappy.

Pack right


The first step is finding out what the weather will be like. This will guide you into picking the right type of clothes. You should also pack clothes suitable for the activities you agree to be involved in. Don’t forget your swim gear and toiletries. Avoid tight-fitting clothes as they will make the kids uncomfortable. Remember to keep spare clothing close by in case the kids make a mess and they need to be changed urgently. You can get more info here about packing tips.

Carry enough water

Hungry children can surely make the trip unbearable. Water is just as important as snacks which mean you need to have enough of both.

Try to make the snacks healthy and keep the dry ones separated from sticky ones. Avoid sugary snacks as those may get the children hyped up and unruly.

Have distractions for the kids

Portrait Of Family Standing Next To Classic Car

The best way to keep your kids from being bored during the trip is to have some form of entertainment. You can have a portable DVD player installed in the car so the kids can watch movies. You could also carry a few of their toys or some games that can distract them.


Make sure you get enough sleep the night before the trip and be prepared to make regular stops. Remember that the trip can take its toll on you as a parent as well. Have some entertainment for yourself and take turns driving.