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What Do I Need For First Time Fishing


In case you have never fished before you might feel anxious about what you are expected to do. By getting a fishing license, bait and fishing line you can get into the water and start catching fish. You can read more in this guide about the fishing gear that you need a first-time angler.

Fishing line

Currently, fishing lines are available in various diameters and materials. Line with larger diameters is stronger compared to smaller ones of the same material.

Experts recommend beginners to buy monofilament fishing line. If you aim at catching small fish, then you can look for a fishing line which has an 8-pound test on its label.


There are various types of tackle which first-time anglers will need. Some of them are:

i) Weight


Weights are important as they assist in keeping the bait underwater and offer more casting distance. As a beginner, you should stick to split shot weights as they are easy to install and inexpensive.

ii) Hooks

You should buy hooks which are not snelled. Those hooks which are snelled have leader pre-tied to them and you will just attach it to the swivel snap a thing which might be challenging for a beginner.

iii) Sinkers

You can attach 1 or 2 sinkers about 6-12 inches above your hook. Sinkers will assist in keeping your bait down in the water.


In case you have become bored using baits, you can experiment with the idea of using lures. Although there are so many lure styles, manufactures and colours, below are some of the best ones that you can use as a first-time angler.

· Spinnerbaits

· Soft plastics.

Fishing license


After getting the necessary equipment, you should make sure that you have a fishing license for the place that you will be fishing at. You can get fishing licenses online or at the fishing shops.


Since you may be required to cut your fishing line, you should remember to carry clippers.


Make sure that you carry a pair of pliers for removing your catch from the hook.


You can carry a bucket which you can use in carrying your fish or bait.