What Are The Golden Rules Of Logo Design?

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Every successful business has a recognizable logo. In order to create a quality logo for a professional business, certain rules must be followed. These are;

Do your research

Before designing a logo, thorough research of the business and its product, as well as its intended clients must be done. A logo must be in line with the business’s vision and purpose.

In addition, research on other logos out there must be carried out. This will help compare notes as well as inspire a designer a create a powerful logo .

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In addition; research protects the designer from plagiarizing logos that already exist. One of the easiest ways of carrying out research on different logos is through online tools and resources.

Pay attention to color

According to The Psychology of Color in Marketing by David Wallace, colors tend to affect the behavior of a buyer. Colors are just as communicative as words.

Different colors have varying messages, for example, warm colors depict excitement while cool colors evoke elegance and style. While designing a logo, it is important to use the colors that will best portray the product as well as the business effectively.

Size and proportion


Size matters. Every component of a logo should never overpower the other elements in it as this will take away from its aesthetic value. The easiest and most effective way of ensuring that the size and proportions of a logo are at par is by using online tools designed to make logo designs. You can check this out for a variety of sizes.

Simplicity trumps all

Sometimes less is better. A study carried out by the University of Madison-Wisconsin and the University of Michigan noted that children between the ages 3-5 easily identified brands by their simple logos.

In similar effect, elaborate and complicated logo designs tend to perturb the minds of the targeted clients. A simple yet compelling logo can infiltrate the market faster than the complicated ones.


Every successful logo design has in co-operated the above golden rules. It is important to note that in logo design, a designer needs to show the client how much thought and consideration was put into the logo that they produced for them. Always remember that the logo is the first impression of any business and often the last one as well.

Gabe Myers