What Do You Do With A Sliding Glass Door During A Hurricane

What Do You Do With A Sliding Glass Door During A Hurricane

If you are a US resident living in areas such as Georgia and Carolina, then you’re likely familiar with the intense hurricanes that occur from June 1- November 30. These hurricanes are not only frightening but can also damage your property seriously. Doors and windows are the first victims of the severe damage with the sliding glass doors requiring more attention.

If you fail to protect your windows and doors, properly then chances are high that they’ll get damaged by the strong winds in hurricanes and debris carried by the winds.

More so, the dangers arise to the water systems and even people living in your house. If the winds are strong and high enough, then they’ll increase the air pressure in the house and collapse the walls and roof of your building that results in devastating property damage.

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Sliding glass doors are essential as they have an efficient size and structure. It’s also easier to protect these doors if you take the necessary precautions. Below are the tips to protect your sliding door:

1. Install High-Impact Resistant Glass Doors

If you are in a hurricane-prone area, then you should install hurricane proof sliding glass doors. Most city codes in hurricane-prone areas have laws that make it mandatory to install these doors and windows.

But if your area is not, ensure you install them for your security and that of your property. These glass doors are resistant and do not damage or shatter easily.

2. Apply Hurricane Plastic Film

A hurricane plastic film is useful as it provides additional protection to your door during hurricanes. More so, it protects your glass panes against flying debris. These films protect the window from flying shards and breakage.

3. Install hurricane shutters

To increase the efficiency of your sliding glass doors, ensure you install hurricane shutters. They are attachable to the walls of your house, which makes them efficient to install in times of emergency. A hurricane shutter is composed of extruded aluminum, and you’ll control it with a motor.

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Protecting your sliding glass door is vital during hurricanes. Since it provides the first line of protection during strong winds, giving it the extra protection it needs assists in protecting your residential structure and property.

Gabe Myers